Effectiveness of weight loss supplements

Obesity is still a major health concern in the society. Its onset can pave the way for other complications such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. But the effectiveness of obesity interventions is still unfamiliar. The fact that the popular weight loss supplements are mainly proprietary casts a dark cloud on their efficacy.

Another reason why it is hard to tell the effectiveness of weight loss supplements is the range of individuals who are susceptible to obesity but require different treatments procedures. For instance, older individuals may require different approach owing to their weak bones and diminishing immunity.

Facts about weight loss supplements

hgdhdd64Even though there is a general agreement that weight loss supplements are effective when used, it’s important to note that weight loss supplements alone are not as effective as they would, without incorporating it into other weight loss practices.

For instance, when using weight loss supplements, you will need to understand how they work. Some supplements seek to reduce your appetite, whereas others seek to boost your metabolism. There are some supplements that help reduce the absorption of fat you eat. As such, for such supplements to be effective, you will need to exercise bias to eating low-fat foods when using such supplements.

Green-tea extract is known to promote the loss of weight. However, by using a green-tea supplement or just having a cup of tea is unlikely to produce any significant and sustainable weight loss results. What makes green tea supplement effective in the weight loss is the presence of caffeine. As a stimulant, caffeine makes one burn calories due to increased movements. Additionally, for these supplements to be effective for anyone, they need to ensure their bodies do not react to their use.

For weight loss supplements to be effective, therefore, the following weight loss practices are necessary;

Efficacy of behavioral weight loss interventions

Behavioral weight loss programs insist on the need of exercise and physical fitness to fight obesity. According to experiments conducted by NCBI, behavioral weight loss interventions work in most cases. Randomized controlled trials were conducted using the behavioral weight loss program using 4539 individuals to test the efficacy of the intervention. The trial took place in a period of 12 months heterogeneously regardless of age or gender of the participants. The results indicated that the average loss in weight was 1.36 kg in the 12 month period but dropped to 1.23khg when the program was extended for another 12 months.

It was concluded that behavioral weight loss programs actually works especially when applied in a primary care center where the intervention is closely followed.

The effectiveness of weight loss supplements

hdhdd64Medication is the only technique that enjoys a higher efficacy standing for weight loss when compared to other methods such as the behavioral weight loss programs, anti-obesity drugs have been found to be more effective across all groups of individuals. One reason behind the high efficacy standing is exhaustive clinical trials that anti-obesity pharmacotherapy undergoes before hitting the market. But they are not entirely effective. In fact, use of weight drugs and their selection requires proper understanding of risks and benefits associated with each of the presented drugs.

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